Adelide Odhiambo

I have received unrivaled experience in designing both Conventional and MicroInsurance products in the market. My vision is to use this experience to eradicate poverty and at the same time play a key role in improving Insurance uptake and penetration. Get insurance very close to the people who need it most:

The mass market faces the highest level of risk in Africa, but has the least access to insurance. Typical barriers to insurance are Cost, Accessibility to insurance, Trust and Understanding of how Insurance really works. To tackle mass market insurance the above barriers MUST be overcome. I am creating innovative solutions to meet this untapped demand, drive customer value, and expand financial inclusion on an unprecedented scale for you and your customers.

I seek to position Insurance not just as a risk mitigation tool but a channel to grow revenue in your business. Insurance has struggled with low penetration for years, I intend to increase penetration by creating a range of innovative solutions that will attract the masses and also create a channel to bring the retail consumer closer to an insurance ‘self-service’ solution.

My experience has led me to work with some of the Top brands globally

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