Nyasha Mutsekwa

With a strong entrepreneurial drive, I thrive in roles that involve developing business strategy, sales leadership and innovative product development. I have a strong bias for customer facing roles with a focus to develop, nurture and close revenue opportunities.

I have the ability to:
overcome opposition to ideas and proposals through reasoned argument and persuasion
compromise when it facilities progress use informal and formal networks to test and seek support and buy-in for plans and proposals gain resolution by approaching issues from various viewpoints

I have the ability to:
challenge assumptions and conventional thinking come up with new or imaginative ideas cross relate and integrate a range of information and concepts in innovative ways explore and build on other’s ideas

I have the ability to
consistently achieve measurable outcomes recognize and resolve challenges, obstacles, conflicts and political situations stay focused on completing the current task despite distractions
commit to achieving objectives despite difficulties

I have the ability to
consider and communicate the impact of political, economic, social and environmental factors on business consider the future implications of particular course of actions

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